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Here we hope you will find inspiration, and a source of strength through prayer, meditation and contemplation.

We have included a Meditation on an Icon. This ancient form of prayer originates from the Eastern Church and is closest to the spirit of Jesus and the Apostles. Simply read the meditation and follow the advice given. A new icon will be added every few weeks.

Faith Stories recall the inspirational lives of people who lived the teaching and spirit of the gospels in their daily lives.

Prayer Place is to encourage people to share their favorite prayers on our website. New prayers will be added as we receive them.

We also intend to add a Bookshelf for ideas on recommended books and literature to this section shortly. Contact us with ideas and suggestions through our facebook page or the Parish Centre

Safeguarding Prayer from the Diocese of Cork and Ross

Lord Jesus,

Hear our voices as we pray for your care and protection.

Strengthen and guide us as we strive to make our Catholic communities a safe place for all.

We especially ask that the children and vulnerable adults you entrust to our care are protected.

Give us the wisdom and courage to listen with open hearts, see with open eyes, and speak out to ensure children and vulnerable adults are safe, loved, respected, and cared for.

May we also pray for those who have been harmed.  Give them the courage to seek the truth and to heal.

Lord, you call us to walk with integrity in the service of others.  May we all strive to understand our collective responsibility to work together to safeguard our Catholic communities. 

Guide us as we build a community that fosters everyone to flourish and be safe.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.