Sacrament of Marriage

Congratulations on your decision to get married. It’s an exciting time with lots of wedding planning ahead!
The Cork and Ross website provides you with a comprehensive guide to assist you with planning your journey towards the wedding day.

While you need only give four months notice of your intention to marry it is common practice for a couple to book the church a long time in advance. So it is important to make sure that the church is available on the day you require.
You will also need to look at participating in a marriage preparation course, which is a lovely way for you as a couple to take a look at your own relationship.

Please note that the Civil Authorities also have state requirements, which must be fulfilled.

About getting married in a Catholic Church:

The Church honors and treasures the married love between husband and wife. For Christians, marriage mirrors the relationship between Christ and the Church. Thus married love was described by St. Paul as a “great mystery” (Ephesians 5:32) and came to be recognised as one of the seven sacraments.

During the marriage ritual, the two people marry each other. They are the ministers of the sacrament. It is they who will exchange vows before God and the assembled community. The priest’s role is to receive their consent, to act as a witness, to lead prayer and to bestow God’s blessing.

How to book a wedding:

Weddings can be booked in the Church Sacristy on Friday evenings from 6.30-7.30pm or by phoning the priest on duty on 087 2302108.

Planning the ceremony:

As ministers of the sacrament, the couple should be involved in planning the ceremony. The priest has a responsibility to advise them couple in their choices regarding the liturgy – readings, prayers, music and choice of vows. Couples are encouraged to look for such guidance early in the process. Family and friends are also encouraged to participate in the ceremony.

Marriage, like other vocations, calls us to reflect God’s love to the world in a particular way. Married people in their exclusive and life long commitment to each other witness to and draw strength from how Christ has loved us.