Inspiring Words for World Mission Sunday 18th October

Together we can do more – Blessed are the peacemakers

This year’s theme ‘Together we can do more – Blessed are the peacemakers’ is highlighting that our Church is a global community that must stand together if it is to do more. 

COVID-19 brings much fear, but it also shows us that selfless and courageous actions are not reserved solely for saints. In fact they are found in every one of us, and that by acting together we can achieve more.

The theme also recognises our missionaries as peacemakers. In many of our poorer parishes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, it is missionaries who are on the front line. We already owe these women and men so much, as they walk hand-in-hand with marginalised communities, long before and after any emergency. 

Sister Veronica features on the World Mission Sunday poster. She leads the Women’s Interreligious Council in Kaduna, Nigeria. 

You can read more about her work, and the work of other missionaries here.

World Mission Sunday supports Veronica, as she works tirelessly in this volatile part of the world, encouraging peace between segregated Muslim and Christian communities.

Veronica and many others deliver life-giving programmes, especially educating and enabling women and girls with the skills they need to survive, to ease their suffering and limit the risk and spread of the virus.

You can watch a video about the work of the Missions here:

How to Donate;

You can bring your donation to the Parish Centre Office from 10am-1pm weekdays, or use this link to go to the World Mission page.

Thank You!