Parent’s Section


Dear Parents and Guardians,

In Children’s Corner we hope to offer you some support in raising your child as a member of a Christian family. Above all, please enjoy exploring Children’s Corner with your child.

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Our Commitment to Safeguarding our Children

With the good news that our churches are open, safeguarding checks continue to take place to ensure and maintain safe environment. As we welcome people back, we offer our continued reassurance of our commitment to safeguarding in the Parish and in the Diocese.

‘SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY’.  To safeguard those most vulnerable, we all have a part to play. If we have a concern for the safety/wellbeing of anybody, we must report this to the appropriate authority, whether that be, Gardai, HSE, Tusla, GP or Church Authority.

The Diocesan Designated Liaison persons are  not only available to you for church related concerns, but can offer you advice on how to report any concerns in the wider context. Please feel free to contact Cleo Yates or Fr. Alan O’Leary at 

An ‘Adult Safeguarding Policy, Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Abuse ‘ has been written and implemented for all the Dioceses in Munster.

 ‘Inspired by gospel values, the commitment of Pope Francis, and in compliance with law we will strive to ensure the participation and welfare of all adults who may be vulnerable in the life of the Church. We are committed to fostering a safeguarding culture characterised by empowerment, collaboration and zero tolerance of abuse.’  

You can find a copy of the policy at

Where can I find advice on Internet Safety to help me protect my children?

One of the impacts of Covid was a rise in the amount of “screen time”. Finding ourselves spending more time ‘looking down than looking up’. This is especially worrying for our children.

Please check out these useful websites with resources for keeping our children safe online. 

Office for internet Safety;  Webwise; That’s not cool;  Think you know;Net lingo;Translate it;  Laya Healthcare Online Safety;  Screen Time app;  Connect Safely;  Google Family Safety Centre;  PEGI Rating System;  Kid Rex (safe search); YouTube Policy & safety;  ICIA’S Parents Guide to Mobile Phones;  Irish Mobile Phone Operators Code of Practice. (Courtesy of Dr Maureen Griffin)

Parents information on ‘Do This in Memory’ Parish Programme

The programme is designed to support the active involvement of parents, parish leaders and the wider parish community in the preparation for First Eucharist.

The celebration of First Eucharist is a sacred and important moment on a long journey of faith development. Together with Baptism and Confirmation, it opens the door to full membership of the Christian community.

Parents involvement:

  • To be at Mass regularly with your child and particularly on the Sundays of the programme.
  • To foster prayer at home with the children and individually.
  • To enhance your participation in the programme and deepen your own understanding of the Mass, that all parents would read the THUMB Resource Book and the Grapevine Newsletter with your child.
  • To reflect seriously about the celebration of this Sacrament.


‘Experience tells us that the faith of children is best nourished when home, school and parish work together in partnership. Firstly and most importantly, children learn about faith in the home. Their faith is supported in school by the hard work of teachers and chaplains, and by both priests and people in the wider parish community.’ (Nurturing our Children’s Faith, 2006)

A useful place to find some of the family prayers that you can say with your children are found on the Loyola Press website. You can have a look by following the linkFAMILY PRAYERS

Vatican Children’s Site

The Vatican has added a site for children.

It is in five languages and is coordinated by the Pontifical Council for the Family. The website includes texts and pictures of all the moments the Popes have shared with the children. Above all, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.