Carrigaline Parish News

Parish News Update: 23rd July 2020

We warmly welcome you to join us in the Church on Sundays for the celebration of the Mass.

As in many other aspects of life, things are different. Engaging the 2 metre physical distancing guidelines we are currently limited to 100 people attending Mass.

New practice and protocols are in place in order to protect and safeguard the health and wellbeing of you and your family and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid19.

Please Note: Your can fulfil your obligation to attend Mass by coming to Mass on any weekday, listening on the radio or participating online. 

These changes will take some getting used to as we are all creatures of habit, but you must remember that the changes we have introduced are all about allowing people to pray in a way that is safe. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

The following are the changes introduced for your safety.

·        Observing physical distancing inside and outside the Church is very important.

·        You will be welcomed at the front door by stewards who will guide you.

·        Sanitise your hands at entrance and exit and follow the one way system marked on the floor.

·        Pews where you may sit are marked with a green tick.

·        People living in the same house may share a pew without physical distancing.

·        Priests and Ministers will wear masks and sanitise hands before and after Communion.

·        Communion will be received in the hand only.

·        Collection baskets for your weekly offering will be available at the entrance and exit.

·        Please exit side doors following signage and maintaining physical distance.

·        You are free to wear masks in the Church.

·        As of the moment there will be no choirs at Masses.

·        The church will be closed after each Mass for sanitising.

·        The church will continue to be open every day from 12 noon until 6pm for private prayer.

Some of you may prefer to remain in the Church grounds during Mass. You are welcome to do so outdoors, as the carpark will be closed to cars. Speakers will broadcast Mass and communion will be brought out to you from the Sacristy.

Your safety is our primary concern 

There is no need to rush back and you may wish to continue to join us in prayer and celebrate Mass from home on local radio 106.5fm. Your prayer from home is a powerful source of grace for all of us.

Parish Centre

The Parish Office is open Monday to Friday from 10am – 1pm. 


Baptisms have recommenced. There will be individual christenings with a maximum of 15 people in attendance.

To book a Baptism call to the Parish Office: Monday – Friday between 10am – 1pm You can also leave a message at the Parish Office: phone 021 4371109 or email


Weddings can be booked in the Church Sacristy on Friday evenings from 6.30-7.30pm or by phoning the priest on duty on 087 2302108.

Even though we are apart we are united in faith and prayer. May God bless us and keep us safe.

Fr. Pat Fogarty PP.

Prayer of Pope Francis for the pandemic

Mary our mother, you know our needs and we know that you will provide so that, as in Cana in Galilee joy and celebration may return after this time of trial, Amen.