7th May – Parish News Update

Trócaire Together: Moments of Reflection

“The pandemic reminds us there are no difference or borders between those who suffer. We are all frail, all equal, all precious. May we be profoundly shaken: Now is the time to eliminate inequalities and heal the injustice undermining the health of the entire human family!” Pope Francis

The Trócaire Together series is a moment out of your week to reflect on the world around us. 

Pope Francis reminds us how now is the time for action and healing in our one human family. Each recording gives time for prayer and to hear from the work of Trócaire. We hope that in this time of isolation these moments will bring you close to those in our world that are at the extreme margins. Knowing that by our listening and sending out of love we are able to do something from our homes to the homes of people around the world. 

The link is below.  We have created four pieces, intended for people young and old to listen to, one per week starting next weekend.  They are on the themes of hope, peace and prayer.  We hope they can bring some comfort to people during these worrying days.   


You can listen to these on your own, as a family or group of friends. We would recommend one a week for four weeks. For the whole week you could think and pray for the country you have heard from. 

Week One: Hope
DR Congo shows us a message of hope after Easter with positive news on Ebola. The reflection this week is read by Colm Hogan, Church Officer with Trócaire. From his home in Dublin to yours. 

Week Two: Gaza
A message of solidarity with the people of “one of the most crowded places on earth”. The reflection is read by Roisin O’Hara, North West Regional Development Officer with Trócaire. From her home in Derry to yours. 

Week Three: Peace
Our focus is on Syria and the huge challenge of peace. Michael Wickham Moriarty reads the reflection from his home in Monaghan. 

Week Four: What we can do 

We ask the people of Ireland for their prayers and help.